Kiri Lee

Lehigh University Modern Languages and Literature - Kiri Lee
Associate Professor
Director of Asian Studies
513 Maginnes Hall


PhD, Harvard University
Japanese/Korean pragmatics; Heritage language education


Prof. Kiri Lee received her PhD in linguistics from Harvard University in 1993. Her research areas are Japanese pragmatics and heritage language education. In pragmatics, she has been working on comparative analyses of Japanese and Korean grammar collaborating with Korean linguists. Also, in her work on heritage language education, she pays special attentions to how the notion of “heritage language learner” is constructed, and how her findings can help young heritage speakers navigate in this globalizing world. 

Courses taught:
Elementary Japanese
Intermediate Japanese
Advanced Japanese
Introduction to Linguistics
Asian-American Studies

Recent publications:

Constructing the Heritage Language Learner: Knowledge, Power, and New Subjectivities. MOUTON DE GRUYTER, 2013. (Co-authored with N. Doerr)

“Beyond ‘Power and Solidarity’”: Indexing Intimacy in Korean and Japanese terms of address. Korean Linguistics Vol 15 No 1, 73-100, 2013. (Co-authored with Y-M Yu Cho)

“‘Drop-Outs’ or ‘Heritage Learners’?: Competing Mentalities of Governmentality and Invested meanings at a Weekend Japanese Language School in the United States,” Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education 34(1), 1-13, 2012. (Co-authored with N.Doerr)

“Inheriting “Japanese-ness” Diversely: Heritage Practice at a Weekend Japanese Language School in the United States,” Critical Asian Studies, 42:2, 191–216, 2010. (Co-authored with N. Doerr)

 “Contesting Heritage: Language, Legitimacy, and Schooling at a Weekend Japanese Language School in the United States.” Language and Education Vol.23, No. 5:425-441, 2009. (Co-authored with N. Doerr)