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The Japanese section offers three levels of Japanese language. Students can minor in Japanese by taking 4 language courses or 16 credits. Questions about the minor should be directed to Professor Kiri Lee. Students who wish to major in Japanese Studies can major in Asian Studies with Japanese concentration through the Asian Studies program.

Requirements for the Minor in Japanese (click on link to access the minor declaration form)
16 credits of Japanese (not including any MLL course).

The minor in Japanese requires a minimum of 16 credit from any combination of Japanese lanuguage courses.

Requirements for the Major in Japanese

The major in Japanese studies requires 35 credits: a minimum 23 credits from Japanese language courses beyond Japanese 2, 3 credits from Study Abroad, and 9 credits from courses on Japan taught in English (electives). 3 credits of 23 credits in Japanese language must be for a major paper (JPNS 290). If a student is financially or academically unable to fulfill study abroad requirement, other options could be negotiated with an advisor’s approval.  


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